Whether you’re a relative or a friend, or whether someone you know has referred you to me, welcome. Thank you for giving me the chance to serve you as your personal Life Insurance assistant. I hope I can help you with information about Life Insurance and Long Term Care. I want to help you protect yourself and your loved ones by making the decisions about your insurance that are right for YOU.

Do you have Life Insurance, or have you thought about it? Do you need additional Life Insurance? If you’re confused about what kind or how much you need--or even if you’re not sure if you already have a policy, I’ll gladly help.I offer Whole Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance from top rated companies with extremely competitive premiums to fit any budget.

Contact me to further discuss Long Term Care and the importance of purchasing it sooner than later.  I will gladly provide you with a quote and an illustration which shows how quickly your investment is returned when Long Term Care Insurance benefits are used.

Michelle's Mission Statement

I could never promote a service that I myself would not use. As a hard-working mother, I need to know that my choices will help protect my family. I want to see  men and women be able to support themselves and their families and grow their business with peace of mind. I want to educate and provide the best possible service to anyone who does not yet understand how the right kind of indurance can help them.