Whole Life Insurance

For generations, families have relied on the essential financial security that Whole Life insurance provides. In addition to paying a death benefit, Whole Life is also a value builder. The cash values that accumulate in the policy can be accessed during your lifetime to fund vital needs such as a child's education or a new home. Whole Life is a flexible product that can be customized to meet your family's unique needs. It can provide a foundation upon which you can help build your family's financial future

The Uses of Whole Life

Whole Life can be an effective method of protecting your family's assets. Traditional insurance provides the financial security that gives families the peace of mind they deserve. As Mortgage Protection it can help pay off mortgages and other outstanding debts in the event of a premature death. As Retirement Funding, if over the long term you no longer need the death benefit protection, accumulated cash value can be accessed through policy loans or surrenders to help supplement a retirement income. As Education Funding whole life can help pay for children's and grandchildren's education through policy loans, or as named beneficiaries. As Pension Maximization life insurance proceeds are earmarked to replace the lost pension benefit in the event of a pensioner's death. Whole life can be an Estate Planning Tool to provide funds for estate expenses and to help avoid the sale of assets or the need to borrow. As Charitable Giving, bequeathing life insurance is an effective way to make a significant donation to your favorite charity.


  • A guaranteed death benefit, generally free from federal income tax 
  • Tax-deferred cash value accumulation 
  • Generally, the ability to borrow from cash value on a tax-free basis 
  • A level premium that is guaranteed never to increase 
  • Permanent coverage that can never be canceled, provided that premiums are paid when due 
  • The ability to customize the plan by adding optional riders